Motor City Gumball -2015

Flat out, wide open, no rules lots of laws, beat the clock! That pretty much sums up the Motor City Gumball. There are many versions of the race depending on where you live and how deep your pockets are. The competition is the real deal. Lambo’s (can’t spell the rest), Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Audi’s, Corvettes, well you get the idea!

Jason “Junebug Spade” Poirier sent me a video of him rolling SAYTEN out heavy (his ’29 ford roadster), holding triple digit speeds in a pack of Gumball Rally cars on the highway. I’ve got to admit, at first I got chills watching 85 year old steel popping triple digits. Then came the big idea. Why should all those high-end sports blablablahhhsss’ hog all the fun. Why isn’t there a badass old relic out there schooling those guys, kicking ass and taking numbers?? Well with some luck and generosity there will be next year.

I’m entering the race in My Old ’39 Ford pickup. Junebug will be my Co-Pilot/Navigator. With a little fresh-up this winter and a few modifications, I think we’ll have a heavy hitting contender. Any of you that have rolled with me would probably agree. How rad will it be to blow passed 6 figure sport cars in a 75 year old truck doing 130mph?!?!?!? No club car or truck has ever attempted something like this before, we’re going to be the first and we’d like to win it!

This all sounds too cool to be true and on one level it is. The entry fee is $2,000. Yup, thats right… OUCH!! But you pay to play. Unfortunately with the mods I’m doing to the truck, I’ll need to raise as much money as possible in order to enter this epic adventure.

I’m reaching out to all my brother’s, sister’s, family and friends to help Put the Road Devils on the podium of this BADASS event. If 100 of you donate $20 each, that would damn near get us through the door. I know everyone is strapped, myself included but if enough of you kick in on this it could happen. I’m not one for asking for anything other then a good time so this is officially the first time I’m putting my hand out. I wouldn’t do it unless I thought it was really worth while.

Currently we’ve gained the support of multiple sponsors who have generously offered high performance parts and part discounts. The list is steadily growing as the beginning of the new year approaches. We openly welcome any additional sponsors willing to offer support in any way.

I’d love to raise enough money to cover the cost of registration, THATS IT! I will take care of all my own expenses beyond that. There are 75 spots available for race-cars so it does fill up fast. SO far we’ve raised enough money to cover the $500.00 registration deposit securing our spot in the race!

Money can be pay-paled to NOTE ‘GUMBALL’ THROUGH PAYPAL so there’s no confusion.

Lets make history and put the ROAD DEVILS out front!






The Road Devils Car Club are proud to announce the foundation of the Road Devils Car Club Norway Chapter (Probationary). Our expansion into Norway has been a long time coming. This new Chapter is made up of hot rodders based mostly near Oslo, who share our club’s vision of traditional American hot-rodding, just with more Vikings and Ice Giants….Since this is our first Chapter in this country; they will be operating under a Probationary status until they’ve learned the way we operate, and have spent their time meeting other chapters across the world. Once that happens, they will start wearing the full Road Devils Colors, to include the Road Devils name, our Devil Head and Pitchforks, and whatever name they will go with as their Chapter comes into the Road Devils Worldwide Family. The club has about 14 members in Norway at this point, and have THE best hot rods that Norway has to offer, bar none. Welcome our new Viking brothers to the family!!



Nomads in the News

There’s been a few Road Devils getting press lately, and we’re always happy to show that off to folks here on the main page. The latest Road Devil to get press is a fairly new member to the club, 20 year old welder and fabricator Clay Stephens of the Road Devils Nomad Chapter. Clay prospected out of the Devil’s Brigade Chapter in Fayetteville NC, where we all know him as a hard working member of one of our favorite shops in town, TBC Hot Rods and Bikes (TBC webpage) Check out the article for yourselves, and let us know if you see any other Road Devils out there in the news.

Fayetteville Observer Article



Devil’s Brigade 2012….

2011 was a great year for the military chapter of the Road Devils CC, and 2012 is already looking like another great year. We’ve welcomed one of the newest Road Devils down in North Carolina – Flounder, with his ’30 Roadster and ’64 Fairlane 500; and are ready for another year helping out with regional and national shows. We’ll be meeting up with our Detroit brethren for Autorama soon, inviting the family to the dirty south for Heavy Rebel Weekender, and taking the trip northbound on 95 to support the Boston Road Devils.

This year will also see the release of the Devil’s Brigade “Road To Recovery” DVD. This will chronicle the history of the Road Devils, since their post-war inception in 1946, to the stories of Devils deployed on the front in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’re still looking for more footage from our fellow chapters, as well as more bands to join the soundtrack.

So here’s to a great 2012!


Minister of Propaganda

RDCC Devil’s Brigade