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2016 Pismo Trog
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Thread: 2016 Pismo Trog

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    2016 Pismo Trog

    So, NorCal Ed and I will be racing in the first annual Pismo Beach Ca TROG, The Race Of Gentlemen. They only let 130 cars in and you had to be picked by the members of the Oilers CC to be accepted.
    We will represent the club proudly. We will have a pit area ( hopefully ) to show are cars, wrench on them as needed and show club support. We may be able to get passes to allow access to the pits. We will know more as it gets closer
    The dates for the race are October 15/16. I will be there early Thursday to get our spots and start the festivities. Bands and parties the whole weekend.
    If you plan on going please jump in this thread so we can coordinate.
    Safe travels and drive it like its gone tomorrow.

    Joe ( Southern Cali chapter)

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    Good stuff boys, give'm a run for their money, they have too much of it anyway. Try and meet Mel and Brian, they're good people and they really know how to put a good show together. I'd bring tarps to lay on the sand for the pits, working on stuff in the sand blows. If all goes well and according to plan, World Run IV 2019 will be at TROG NJ. Never hurts to grease the wheels.
    National Vice President ROAD DEVILS C.C. OHIO

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    I'll be making the pilgrimage over for TROG,so looking forward to catching up with you all ....

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    See you soon Brother Gino!
    President-Road Devils CC Nor-Cal Chapter

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    Give 'em hell!! TROG has been on my list of shows to go to.
    Boston Chapter
    Road Devils CC

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