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Thread: Eastwood welders any good?

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    Praxair And Airgas are like starfucks and can suck it. I use a local spot for my consumables. just saying
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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
    Keep your eyes on Craigslist. I found mine for $900 because the dumb dumb didn't know how to use it.
    hell yeah im on there everyday, i bought my auto darkening hood from a kid who bought it new and didnt like welding. sold everything for dirt cheap.

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    I picked up me little 120v welder with an 80cf tank on Craig's list a few years ago for about $200, the tank was nearly worth that... Of course the gas has gone up... 4 years about I could fill the tank for $40, just filled. It this week and it was $105 out the door. (75/25). If your not welding all the time, or really big stuff I think the Eastwood should be agreed addition to your shop.

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