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Thread: 8th Boston Massarce!!!! Aug 20 2016

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    Road Devil's Member Brian_RDeurope's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    German in TX
    wanna say a special thanx to Stiches who took care of the Texans. pickin up dropping off ...
    also to Aaron and OF COURSE Sarah for giving the house to all the craziness !!!
    great weekend boston bros !

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    Road Devil's Member Jailbird's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    North Texas
    Yeah i definitely need to say thanks to Gramps, Justin, The Germans, Aaron & Sarah and Brad.

    It was great to see everyone and you guys put on a great show, i think it's time Texas starts putting on our own show, probably come spring time 2018

    love this club and so many in it. R.D.F.L.
    Jeremy Wilks
    Texas Chapter

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