This ad is mainly for anybody in ohio. I am movin to Illinois in April. I would like to move less shit. I will be posting stuff for sale here that is auto related. If interested in anything email ( me or if you have my number, call or text me. I don't want to ship, you need to come get the stuff. I'm putting blow out prices to move it quick, so they are firm, if they don't sell they go with me.

1998 Chevy 10-bolt truck rearend- 3.67 gears 5 on 5 lug pattern. Spring perches and shock mounts have been shaved. comes with brand new drums, shoes, diff gasket, hardware kits, rear brake hose parking brake cables. $300 ('m over $250 deep in the new parts alone)

1959 Chevy 3100 straight axle use it as a wall hanger $20

1940 studebaker coupe front splash pan and rear trunk tool box cover $30 for the both

1500watt old school generator w/ horizontal shaft briggs engine. Runs great, but tank needs sealed. $100

Lisle Camshaft bearing and installation and removal tool: $80

Set of front 1951-1954 Chevy car brakes complete will bolt onto chevy car spindles from1934 on. 4.75 bolt pattern. $100

(3) sheets of 3x4 16ga stainless steel $50ea

(1) sheet 4x8 of aluminum sheet metal I think about 24ga. $50

(1) 10ft long piece of angle iron 1.5"x1.5" $40

Small Kennedy style (Pencraft I think) tool box $40

One tire inflator air tank, larger and old school $40

I will add to the list as I dig stuff up. If you are local, come on over and go shopping.