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Thread: Opened up a shop. Kind of.

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    6274 Licking Pike, Cold Spring, Ky There is a 1951 Chevy truck (yard art) at the bottom of the hill. When you see it you know you made it.

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    Congrats... And jealous of the space from Southern CA where everyone is on top of each other. I'm lucky that my dad has a huge shop to work on all his cars and mine as well. But that may be changing soon....

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    I have plenty of room outside but not much garage space. We make do with what we have for now. Would love to have your lift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Eyed Devil View Post
    Haha you got that right! Maybe that's why I stay busy too...
    It was cool hanging out man. Anytime you get bored stop up.

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