One Badass 1962 Chrysler Newport Station Wagon. Wish I didn't have to sell it but due to the recent military furlough and government shutdown its caused me to start getting behind on bills and I don't like that so im going to have to sell it and a 1969 C-30 work truck I have that ill be posting later. Anyway the Chrysler is in solid shape and in fair condition for a 62 model with just minor rust problems. It has a Duel Quad 383 that ran when it was in the car and a freshly rebuilt 727 trans that are currently out of the car and a posi rear that's in the car. It also has the very badass AstroGlobe dash that's in it with a pretty good shape interior minus the dash which is cracked up. Im asking $6000 which is OBO. Im just trying to pay it off at the moment and get straightened out again. You can send me a message on here which I try to check on once a week or email me at my personal email which I usually check daily.