With some convincing from Joel from the PA Chapter when I was talking to him at the Sleadfest Hotrod show in Duncannon, PA in April ive decided to start a tread on the 1955 Series 62 "or whats left of the Series 62" Cadillac im now working on and try to be more active on the forum with it. So a little history on the car was it was my friend Smittys car over 11 years ago. When he got it in 2006 he put it back on the road after it was sitting a field forever. Around 2008 it was involved in a accident which crumpled up the passenger side fender, inner fender, and a little of the hood so he traded it for something else because he didn't feel like dealing with it at the time and it changed hands a bunch of times never really getting fixed or put back on the road and then he lost track of it until spring of 2017 when he got a call from a friend that it reappeared at a scrapyard. So he went to pick it up in his rollback to keep it from getting crushed with intentions of putting it back on the road himself until I traded him my 62 Chrysler Newport Wagon for it.
20060507.jpg200805#3.jpg200805#4.jpg20070915.jpg A few photos of the Caddy when my friend Smitty Owned it for anyone who may remember it.