Hello roaddevils! My name is Plymouth Paul and I live in Austin Texas area. Road devil Brian is basically my neighbor turns great friend over the past couple years. I believe I've met all the Texas Road devils along with Simon from Switzerland. Everybody that I have met so far has been pretty awesome.

A little bit about myself. I've been into the hot rod stuff for about 5 years and I've been a mini trucker for about 20 years. The Stephen King Christine car got me into the Plymouth cars and now I currently own three of them. A 1957 four-door sedan Belvedere, a 1957 four-door wagon custom Suburban, and a 1957 2 door hardtop Belvedere that I will be converting to a Christine clone.

The four door sedans a driver, the wagon is currently under construction and getting a 440 big block with 727 automatic transmission and an 8 and 3/4 Mopar rear end. The two-door hardtop is last on the list but it will be come a rotisserie car when I get the time to work on it. I have just about all the parts to make it a Christine car clone.

I look forward to meeting more members of the road Devils Club.

Now for some photos! 57 2drht