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Thread: Back in the Pack

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    Back in the Pack

    Well since I had to start a whole new account in here and many of you don't even know who the fuck I am, I figured I better put a post up in here too. I have been a Road Devil since 2006. I was originally in the SoCal chapter but eventually moved up north, the Nor Cal chapter grew and we had a LOT of fun then we had a heartbreaking split. That split sent a lot of people I love in two different directions, I too felt like I was being pulled in two directions. I couldn't bring myself to leave the club as "Road Devils For Life" was not a phrase I took lightly, so rather than quit, I took a step back. Life and lack of car made that step back longer and longer. I've never lost touch with my close brothers and I still call many who have left the club brother. That being said, I MISSED IT, I miss the cars, I miss the companionship and I miss the cars. So I'm back.... Currently working on my newly acquired '60 Catalina, my bone stock '29 briggs body model a, and in the process of getting my '65 Merc Econoline back from my brother. Seeing so many old faces that I dearly love and meeting so many new ones at the world run was fucking great. RDFL
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    And the slumbering beast wakes from it's winter hibernation, famished and ready to devour sweet goods of spring.
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    Thats great you are back,but just know,there may be a re-initiation process..John and Sean,make sure we can use the dairy barn and a few of its former occupants ����
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    We might end up using the tower of torture after all . Lol :)

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