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  1. Haha Where else did you post stickers? I have a picture of the one from the waiting terminal. I was wondering who posted it. Ohh Ive been having my 3 beer every 18hour limit here at the fox sports bar by "the bra" other then when I get invited to drink with the Brits at Churchills haha. I have it Strategically planned now so I can grab my 3 beers before our bag drag and flight out of the Deid in the next hour.
  2. Hey buddy right now im in IUD "Qatar" waiting on a rotator flight back to the states. Were schulded for one on Saturday so If nothing changes will be getting back to Harrisburg on Sunday.
    Good to hear your getting your vehicles back from Mikes shop and that you finished Big Johns Dump truck. I always like the squair body chevys from the 80s and have a full size k5 blazer myself.
    When I get back I have to do maintance on daily driver vehicles and finish a frame repair on a friends montie carlos before ill be out hanging out anywhere. So maby late August or early September ill be back to Garage Thursday Night at your shop.
    Ohh and if you know any one that's looking for a older work truck hopefully to use as a race car huller or anything else let me know because id like sell my 1969 C30 Utility truck because I have to may vehicles and don't want to have to worry about storage anymore.
  3. We will be at the drags for sure....

    I hope you get the wagon on the road, that is a really cool car. When are you getting back?

    We are starting to bring all our cars back from Mike's shop. We painted Big Johns dump truck, it only needs buffed"s really beautiful compared to what it looked like.....when it's done we'll get all the parts and tools. We ended up giving him the spray booth for what we owed him. See you soon I hope.....
  4. Its not to bad over here. When I was passing threw IUD I saw and got a picture to be posted at a later date of a Road Devils Sticker in the waiting terminal that one of our members stuck there.
    Are you still working for that same company that had you spraying coatings in Baltimore back in May or June? Either way good to here you got steady work going on. And yes I heard from Beans about the Road Devils sound and power tour. That event should grow to be a large turnout fun event in the future if we keep it going. It sure beats sitting in a parking lot like you said and is unique and different.
    Have you heard anything yet about another big turnout for the Jalopy Drags? It was good times last year and great to meet some of the Boston guys that made it down for the event. Im trying to get my nasty ass wagon drivable when I get back to hopefully have it there for the drags.
  5. Hey Rob....I've been working out of town for the last couple months. Everything is good with us, Nico has been trying to keep the shop going while I'm gone.....

    Last weekend we did a reliability run to sure beat the hell out of sitting in a parking lot.

    That's cool about the flags, we can't wait to hear about your adventure when you get back. Stay safe over there....
  6. Hey buddy how have you and Nekko been? Im currently deployed at the moment overseas still but will be stopping by again when im back home in the states. I had a American Flag flown on all the different planes here that I work on and have certificate's for them in the Road Devils C.C. name
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